Even  being  a   young  company,  Vitapelli   outstands  in  the international scene  among  the  greatest  producers  of  leather.  Established in May of  the year  2000  by  the businessman Nilson Riga Vitale, the company grew  in  a   surprising  way, reaching the  status  of bigger tannery of the world  installed  in an only plant. Located in President Prudente, in the State of São Paulo, Vitapelli group is composed of two units. In the main  plant  are  produced  the  leathers  in  the   Wet  blue   phase  and  Crust  phase  and  the  finished  leathers   are  produced  in the second unit. Vitapelli  has  a  constructed area of more than  one  hundred  thousand square meters and has an annual production of three million  hides. The leather  has  as  destination,  footwear  industries,  artifacts,  furniture  upholstery  and  automotive  use.  To search for  the total satisfaction of the customers, all the production process is carried through by equipment of the highest technology and by qualified professionals. Since its foundation, the respect to the environment and the human being is part of the principles of  Vitapelli, with  a   way  of action compromised to the principles of Social  Responsibility.

"To produce with high quality and satisfaction respecting  the human being and the environment".

"To be  a worldwide  reference   in the production of leather with high technology, excellency in quality and socially responsible contributing  for the social and economic development".

Statement  of  Ethics

  • Respect to the human being
  • Environment  preservation
  • Credibility  
  • Ethics and Transparency in the relations and the businesses  
  • To act with ability  
  • Solidarity


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Vitapelli ( Head Office )
Rod . Comendador Alberto Bonfiglioli , 8000
CEP 19.020-970  Presidente Prudente
São Paulo - Brazil
Caixa Postal: 4413
Phone : (+55) 18 2101 7500
Fax: (+55) 18 2101 7510

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